How to Choose the Right Night Guards

Let’s say that you happen to visit your dentist one day and you get diagnosed with bruxism. The best option for you to get through this is a recommendation of an occlusal splint, which is simply known as a mouth guard. It’s easy to say that, but acquiring it will cost you a bit. There are other ways of getting one other than from your dentist, but it all depends on the extent of damage and the special mouth guard needed.

Many factors come into play when purchasing the right mouth guard for you. Some people go for the price as the only determinant, leaving them with a useless mouth guard and more money to spend on getting the right one. You should visit us at Sorrento Dental or call us at (850) 492-7647 today to receive great advice, and we will help you choose the right guard for you.


Custom Fitting

It is important to always ensure that the night guard you have purchased is the specific fit for you. When you get a generic mouth guard, you will find it a bit heavy and thick. This can easily cause discomfort while speaking or eating and in the worst case deform your tooth alignment. Every person has a different mouth, it is not good practice just to use any night guard.

Hardness and Material

With the custom dental guards, it is also important to take into account the thickness, material of use and how the guard is to be used.

Daytime Bruxism

If you have bruxism that spans across the day, a lightweight daytime guard can be utilized. It is ultra-thin and almost invisible, made from acrylic of 2.5mm thickness. It is easy to speak or eat with them while it protects your teeth from damage. These mouth guards can last a maximum of 2 years.

Moderate Bruxism

If you have mild grinding of teeth, a hybrid custom mouth guard is ideal for you. The guard can be 2-3mm thick, made from acrylic, lasting about 3 years max. The inside part is made soft for cushioning, while the outside part is made from plastic, providing a tough, durable protection.

Extreme Bruxism

This is when you have extreme grinding of teeth which will require a 2-3mm thick acrylic guard. They generally will last for about 5 years max. They are the most expensive and heavy enough to protect the enamel of the tooth.