Dental Implants – The New Way to Restore Teeth

We have placed hundreds of dental implants in our Pensacola office. Over the years, dental implants have become the single best alternative to restoring missing teeth, and there are very many reasons to support and state why this is the case. Below are a few reasons as to why you should consider dental implants if you have missing or un-restorable teeth.

Natural Feel

Dental implants are strong and stable, they replace the missing teeth providing the same look and feel. They fit naturally in the socket and functions just like natural teeth. When compared to other alternatives, implants feel more natural when eating, smiling or talking. In short, it restores your mouth and teeth to their natural look and feel, both cosmetically and structurally.

Last Longer

When you look at dental bridges, they typically last about 7 years, and if proper oral care is provided to them, can last up to 14 years. Even if it serves you all those years, the bridges will have to be replaced at some point in time. With dental implants, you only need periodic visits to the dentist to adjust them once in a while, other than that, they can serve you an entire lifetime with good oral care.

Restores Self-Confidence

With dental implants, you do not need to feel different when you talk or smile in public.  They will not fall out or become loose like ordinary dentures. Dental implants are worry free.

Retaining of your Facial Structure

A sunken, wrinkly face is common when your mouth stays for some time without teeth. A sad face becomes the default face, which no one wants. Dental implants solve this issue once and for all by giving you back your original facial structure and smile.

Protecting the Bone

Health problems may arise when there are gaps in the mouth. Portions of the jawbone are prone to deterioration when this situation is left unattended to as they are essential to support the teeth. Dental implants are the best and only option that maintain and utilize the structure of the jawbone.

Eat all Kinds of Foods

Unlike with other dental solutions for missing teeth, with dental implants, you do not need to hesitate and can eat what you want. You can go straight ahead and eat solid, sticky food without having to worry. 

P.S. – this is not an excuse to eat whatever you want. Keeping and maintaining a healthy diet is essential to good oral health.

Predictable outcomes

Dental implants have their own track record of reliability not to mention their long-term reliability. This option is the most preferred method because of it statistical record of permanent replacement that only needs checkups once in a while.

As you can now see, dental implants provide you with a more comfortable feel, natural look and freedom to be you without feeling any significant difference. If you have any questions about getting, or desire to get, dental implants for your missing teeth, call us today at (850) 492-7647  to schedule your dental appointment.