Veneers are the fastest, easiest way to get the smile you've always wanted!

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Dr Chris Campus

“Quality veneers are such that you’ll never notice them. People just think you have a great smile! I promise you: more people have veneers than you probably think.”

— Dr. Christopher Campus

Veneers are, without a doubt, the quickest and easiest way to get that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. There is basically no downtime, no pain, and with the advancements in 3D scanning technology in recent years, they match the color and shape of your teeth perfectly.

What are veneers?

Veneers are very thin (hence the name) pieces of porcelain, precisely shaped to fit over your existing teeth and serve as a new “surface,” providing a better aesthetic. Veneers are made to match the color and shade of your natural teeth, and are sized to fit the proportions of your face and mouth.

Why would I want veneers?

Most people get veneers because they are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth, and don’t want to go through extensive orthodontic treatment or other restorative work. With veneers, you can basically get a perfect smile with no downtime. Veneers solve a variety of aesthetic dental issues, such as staining, crooked or chipped teeth, and large gaps between teeth.

What is the process for getting veneers?

There are several stages. First, we take scans of your existing teeth to accurately capture their size and color. Then, we design the veneers, and have them fabricated. During this stage, we talk about size, shade, etc. to make sure you are completely happy with how your veneers will look. Finally, we place the veneers over your existing teeth, securely attaching them.

Veneers are a great option if you are unhappy with your smile. If you are considering getting veneers, give us a call at (850) 492-7647 to schedule a consultation. We’re happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do veneers last?

Typically, veneers will last 10-20 years without needing to be replaced. At that point, you may need to have new veneers made. Thankfully, removing and replacing veneers is as simple and painless as getting them initially!

Will veneers really look like my natural teeth?

Absolutely. Veneers have improvement dramatically in recent years, thanks to improvements in 3D scanning technology. We can now match your veneers in size, color and shade with an incredibly high degree of precision. They will look just like your natural teeth, except brighter, and perfectly sized and spaced!

When should I prefer dental implants over veneers?

We wrote a detailed post contrasting the two options. But briefly, veneers are ideal if you are mainly after aesthetic improvements to your smile, and your teeth are healthy. Dental implants are more suitable if you have missing teeth.