Same-Day Crowns

Completely custom crowns, placed in just one appointment!

Sorrento Dental Care in Pensacola deserves well-above a 5-star rating. Dr Campus’s experience with complicated procedures such as placing an implant and a crown was very evident. They are working out beautifully!

Hannelore H., Pensacola
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Dr Chris Campus

“Because of our investment in the latest dental technology, we can fabricate and place perfectly-matched crowns in hours, instead of having to wait weeks.”

— Dr. Christopher Campus

Crowns are a very common, restorative procedure to improve an existing tooth’s appearance or functionality, or replace a tooth entirely. If you have a tooth that is broken, worn, or partially destroyed by tooth decay, a crown is an excellent option to fix the tooth while retaining its root structure. In this case, the crown becomes the new outer surface of your tooth, replacing that portion of your tooth that sits above the gum line.

In situations where the tooth is beyond repair, the best option is usually removing the entire tooth, placing a dental implant, and affixing your new custom crown. The good news is that we handle this entire process in-house, so you won’t have to be referred to another dental office at any point!

Computer designed custom crown
We can design a completely custom crown that perfectly matches your teeth.

In either case, thanks to our in-house lab, we can create a completely custom crown that perfectly matches the color of your existing teeth. Additionally, since this new process is so precise, your crown will fit perfectly in place, and prevent other teeth from shifting.

What is the exact process for getting a crown?

We use CEREC, a CAD/CAM technology that lets us fabricate and place a tooth-colored crown (and other restorations) right here in our office, and in just one appointment!

The first step is preparing your tooth for restoration, which, depending on the condition of the damaged tooth, can be as simple as minor cleaning or reshaping. After that, we use an optical/infrared camera to digitally capture the exact dimensions of your tooth, so we can make an extremely precise restoration. This information goes directly into the CAD/CAM computer. Then, we design and shape your crown, selecting the best material and perfectly matching the shade of your other teeth.

Next, your crown is fabricated using a computer-controlled milling machine, which takes just a few short minutes! We then check the restoration for fit and color (and adjust if necessary), and bond it in to place. And just like that, your new crown is placed, all in a single appointment!

Dental lab technician making crown
Our in-house lab fabricates your custom crown, so it can be placed in one appointment!

Sorrento Dental Care is one of the best-reviewed dentists in Pensacola, and a leading provider of same-day dental crowns. If you think you may need a crown, give us a call to schedule an appointment! Or if you have questions, just fill out the contact form and let us know how we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are “same-day crowns” temporary, or permanent?

Permanent! The greatest benefit of a same-day crown is the convenience of receiving your permanent crown in one visit. Same-day crowns remove the need for a second dental visit along with uncomfortable and inconvenient temporary crowns.

Can I get a cavity on a tooth once it has been crowned?

Yes. The crown covers your natural tooth and stops near the gum line. You still have tooth structure present under the crown. Plaque can form below the gum line and must be removed with regular brushing, flossing, and routine professional cleanings. You can get another cavity on the same tooth if these precautions aren’t taken.

How long after getting a dental implant is my crown placed?

In some cases, the dental implant needs to fuse with the bone for several months before it is permanently crowned; in other cases, you can have new teeth the same day your implants are placed! We call this “same day crowns,” which is a very popular procedure we do all the time.