What to expect when you get a filling

Next to routine exams and cleanings, dental fillings are perhaps the single most common procedure we do! And of all our routine dental work, fillings are one of the most basic and important things to prevent tooth decay and ensure healthy smiles.

So, even though fillings aren’t the most exciting topic, let’s spend a few minutes talking about them! (Like the procedure itself, I promise it will be over soon!)

Why would I need a filling?

Basically, a filling is merely a way to prevent infections from forming in the tiny holes (cavities) in your teeth. So if you have a cavity and it leads to decay, or there is the potential for that to happen, we will recommend getting a filling.

What is the process?

We begin by removing any tooth decay, if an infection is already present. How long this takes, and what all is involved varies from patient to patient. However, if you are getting regular checkups, you may not have any tooth decay and we can move straight to placing the filling. (This is often the case with many patients; we place fillings for preventative reasons.)

What is the filling made out of?

Nowadays, the most common material is a tooth-colored composite. The exact material makeup of the filling composite we use varies and is improving constantly. Various metal fillings are available, but patients typically prefer the composite material for aesthetic reasons.

Will it hurt?

Typically there is no pain involved with getting a filling. If there is tooth decay that needs to be removed beforehand, we can offer anesthesia to prevent any pain or discomfort. After having a tooth filled, you may experience some soreness and sensitivity to cold and hot food and drinks, but that should subside in a few days.

Rest assured, having a tooth filled is a very routine experience, and one of the best preventative and restorative dental procedures out there! If you’re looking for a new dentist in Pensacola, give us a call at (850) 492-7647 to schedule your appointment.