What can be done about loose or ill-fitting dentures?

If you are a full denture wearer, you likely have experienced the unfortunate reality of loose or ill-fitting dentures. How does this happen, and why does it seem to get worse over time? And what options are available to solve these issues?

Senior woman with jaw pain due to dentures
If you have loose dentures, or dentures that don’t fit will, there are several treatment options available!

Over time, your dentures will stop fitting properly.

The simple fact is, the bones in your jaw were not meant to carry the forces of your dentures. They were meant to support teeth, and over time, these bones will deteriorate and be reabsorbed. Additionally, your gum tissue volume will be reduced, due to the compression forces of your dentures. This is most likely why your dentures no longer fit properly. Even if they fit perfectly five years ago, and even if they are still in good shape, the changes in your bone and gum tissue mean that your dentures will need to be adjusted.

Dental implants are the best long-term solution.

If you want a lasting solution, dentures that are supported by dental implants are the best option. Your dentures will be securely set in your mouth, no adhesives are necessary, and the implants will help to prevent bone and gum tissue loss, meaning that your dentures are much more likely to fit properly for much longer!

Even if you’ve already suffered significant bone loss, we still may be able to place “mini” dental implants. This procedure is much less invasive, with less downtime, and requires less bone density. (Incidentally, dental implants have actually been shown to encourage bone growth!)

What if I can’t afford dental implants?

We can potentially reline your existing dentures in our Pensacola office to help them fit better, assuming they are in good condition and the fit is still manageable. Or, we can remake your dentures if that is necessary. We’ll be able to offer you several solutions after a diagnosis.

Keep in mind, however, that dental implants may not be out of your budget. We can attach dentures to as few as four mini-dental implants, and we offer several financing options for our patients.