How to Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

It’s interesting that many of us do not plan to visit a dentist for a checkup until a cavity forms or a toothache begins. Some people don’t have an idea of what an oral exam looks like, but to demystify the process, it’s one of the exams that every individual should schedule at least twice a year.

Below is what you should expect during an oral exam. When you visit us at Sorrento Dental, you will find the process easy and friendly. You can also call us at (850) 492-7647, and find out more about oral exams today.

Medical History

During your first dental exam, you will be asked more about your personal history. Some of the details range from your current medication you are on to your level of alcohol consumption and smoking. They will also ask about any sort of allergies, any reactions to anesthesia and any previous dental surgeries you may have had.

Investigation Process

The exciting part comes when the dentist does a thorough examination to see your dental structures. This process seems easy when written, but it encompasses different techniques, equipment, and therapies. This is with the aim of identifying cavities and the type of fillings you received if you had one in the past. Other abnormal activities that might be invisible to the naked eye are also identified using X-rays.


After the investigation process, the doctor will have a chat with you over the findings and alert you of problematic issues that you might have. In case the issue is complicated, you might be referred to a specialist. The next discussion is about the treatment plan which depends on the findings.

Dentist Home Package

After the oral exam, we’ll provide you with a pack of dental items that you will use on a regular basis to maintain a healthy oral routine. This package includes floss, a tongue cleaner, and a new toothbrush.

Proper Brushing of Teeth

To do this right, you need to place the brush bristles at a 45-degree angle next to the gum line. The outer surface of your teeth should be brushed in an up and down, back and forth motion, in a gentle way. The same procedure is enforced in the inside part of the gums. The last bit is brushing the roof of your mouth and the surface of your tongue, to remove bacteria, which causes bad breath.


This is the part which most people don’t do often enough as it’s easy to ignore. However, if you want to remove food debris between your teeth, flossing will enable you to get to the places where your toothbrush can’t reach.

Avoid Smoking

This is critical. Avoiding smoking will steer you away from oral cancer and other complications. Tobacco in cigarettes can and usually does lead to teeth staining, gum disease, and in some cases oral cancer.

Vitamins and Calcium Consumption

Teeth need calcium, and this is derived from milk, dairy products, and orange juice. Vitamin D and Calcium keep your teeth and gums healthy. Vitamin B complex also helps to keep your teeth healthy. Copper, Iodine, potassium and zinc also play a part in keeping your teeth strong.