What are my options if I’m unhappy with my smile?

African american woman smiling
If you’re after a beautiful smile, there are a few options to consider.

A great smile leaves a lasting impression and never goes out of style! It will boost self-confidence and make a big difference in how comfortable you are talking to those around you. Fortunately, there are many ways that a beautiful smile can be achieved. Whether you are only looking for minor adjustments or perhaps a complete transformation, you’ll be surprised at just how quickly you can have the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Dental technology and methods have come a long way since the days of painful and intensive treatments. There are even some options that can be completed in just one or two appointments! Let’s look at four of the ways that you can improve you smile:

Teeth whitening

Who doesn’t want a pearly white smile? Stained teeth are not a good look for anyone, so it’s no surprise that teeth whitening has become incredibly popular in recent times! There are many ways to go about whitening your teeth, and how you ultimately choose to do it will depend on the cost level you are comfortable with and just how white you want your teeth to get. Getting it done in-office can immediately whiten teeth up to 8 shades, while using store-bought whitening strips will give you a less-dramatic result and will take a few weeks. Another option is take-home whitening gel with custom trays that we provide to our patients. This is a reliable option if you want a better result than the strips but do not want the full cost of doing it in-office. Because whitening agents need to stay on the teeth for a period of time to actually work, toothpastes, mouthwashes, and certain chewing gums are not very effective at lifting stains.


If you just want the overall look of your smile to be improved and are not interested in orthodontic treatment or crowns (assuming you are only after aesthetic improvements), veneers are definitely the quickest way to achieve the beautiful result you’re looking for. Matching the shape and color of your teeth with precision, these thin pieces of either composite or porcelain material cover over the front surface of the tooth. In our office, we use porcelain as it is far more durable and natural-looking. If you have staining, minor misalignment, or chips in your teeth and are not looking to go through a process for correction, veneers are the best way forward. Two appointments spaced about one week apart are all that is needed to complete treatment, and there is no recovery period.


Thanks to modern dentistry, you no longer have to wear metal hardware to straighten your teeth. Because of its unprecedented comfort and subtlety, Invisalign provides an excellent alternative to braces. A series of clear aligners are provided to the patient in the very beginning and must be switched out every two weeks for the duration of the treatment. An added bonus is you can see exactly how your teeth will look in the end due to advanced computer imaging. If you are looking to straighten your teeth but are hesitant about braces, Invisalign is the way to go.

Same-day crowns

If a tooth is damaged due to a break or decay, a dental crown is the best option for maintaining the integrity of the root while replacing the part of your tooth that is seen above the gums. If your tooth is damaged beyond repair and the root cannot be saved, we provide dental implants to hundreds of Pensacola patients that replace the root and anchor the crown in place. Due to the CAD/CAM technology that we use, called CEREC, we can create a custom crown for you in just one appointment! If your tooth is damaged or missing completely, a crown is the ideal way to enhance your smile and boost your oral health.

If you know that you want to improve your smile but you aren’t sure of the way forward, we would love to speak with you! There are plenty of places where you can get teeth whitening in Pensacola, but we can also offer a consultation of additional services that you may be interested in. We offer all of the options listed above in our office, and can customize a treatment plan just for you. Whether it’s just minor adjustments you’re looking for or a total transformation, we can give you the smile you never thought was possible!