What is a Porcelain Dental Crown?

If you’re not familiar with dental terms such as crowns, dentures, bridges, and implants, it can at first seem a bit confusing. We’re not going to go in-depth on bridges, dentures, and dental implants here. In this post, we’ll focus on dental crowns. What is a crown and how are they used?

What is a Dental Crown?

A crown is a cover that is placed over a tooth, and helps to give the tooth a shape. It can sometimes be referred to as a cap, essentially covering the part that gets damaged or is starting to decay. Crowns are typically placed for a few common reasons. The most common are after a broken tooth or decay. A cracked tooth also poses another issue, if filling the tooth is an unlikely option, a crown is usually considered to be the best replacement. The crown will hold together the cracked tooth. A crown is also used to keep the bridge in position, improve dental appearance and it can be used to cover discolored teeth.

What are Crowns Made Of?

Crowns are normally made up of a few different materials. Before a crown is made in our lab, we take a unique impression of your tooth, and look at a few other specifics to determine which materials will best suit your teeth and gumline. Dental crowns can be made of Zincornia, porcelain fused metal, all metal (gold alloys, palladium alloys or base metal like chromium or nickel), porcelain fused to Zincornia or all ceramic.

When are Dental Crowns Used?

A crown has many benefits to a person’s dental health. In the case of needing to keep a weak tooth that is about to break, a crown is often the best solution. Crowns can be used to cover fillings or placed on top of dental implants if the entire tooth is missing. (We routinely place crowns over dental implants in our Pensacola office.) Over time, fillings can wear down, making the tooth surface even relative to the rest of your teeth. A crown is used to give the filled tooth the same structure and look as the rest of your teeth.

How Long Does a Crown Usually Last?

It is important to note that crowns will normally last more than 7 years. They can go for many more years, even for a lifetime.

After you have your crown in place, there is no discomfort or sensitivity that a patient feels. In case you feel some sensitivity, contact your dentist to take care of that feeling. It is important to note that crowns will normally last more than 7 years. They can last for many more years, even a lifetime. How long a crown will last largely comes down to oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing regularly will help a crown last much, much longer.

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