While many dental offices outsource extractions, we handle every case in-house.

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Tooth Extraction
The unfortunate reality is that sometimes a tooth must be removed. Perhaps a tooth has so much decay that it can no longer be saved, or perhaps you are undergoing orthodontic treatment that requires some teeth be pulled to align your bite. Or, perhaps you’re one of the 85% of people who need to have their wisdom teeth removed.

If you need an extraction, we can help make the procedure as quick and painless as possible. In addition to local anesthesia, we offer sedation, including Valium and nitrous oxide, if you are anxious about having a tooth pulled.

Once a tooth has been removed, we recommend replacing the tooth as soon as possible to avoid bone loss and shifting teeth. For most of our patients, the best choice is a dental implant with a porcelain crown. The good news is that unlike many dental offices, we handle the entire process in-house!