Sedation Dentistry

in the Pensacola, FL. Area

About Sedation Dentistry

Do you have fear or anxiety of being at the dentist or have a hard time sitting still for long periods of time?

Here at Sorrento Dental Care we offer oral conscious sedation dentistry for patients. Sedation is commonly used when undergoing complex dental treatments like root canals, extractions, or oral surgery.

Before any particular sedative is recommended, you will be asked to provide your complete health history, including any medications you are currently taking — both prescription and over-the-counter. It is also important to know if you smoke or drink.

On the day of your treatment, you may need to have someone drive you to and from your appointment as certain medications take time to wear off.

Relieve Anxiety at the Dentist

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral Conscious Sedation — Oral conscious sedation (given by mouth) is a popular option for many people precisely because it does not require the use of needles.

Oral sedatives are either swallowed whole in pill form or can be dissolved under the tongue. Both methods work in a matter of minutes.

A variety of oral sedative and anxiolytic (anxiety-dissolving) medications have been developed through extensive research and testing to make your experience of dental treatment as comfortable and relaxing as possible. All have long safety records after decades of use, and several even have “amnesic” properties, meaning you will remember little to nothing, even though you are conscious throughout the treatment.