Teeth Whitening

There are lots of ways to whiten your teeth, but professional teeth whitening remains the fastest, most effective way to brighten your smile!

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Teeth Whitening in Pensacola
Everyone wants a brighter smile, and nowadays, there are plenty of options out there. However, some are more effective than others. From trays to strips to mouthwash and gum, so many products claim they can whiten your teeth, but which are actually effective?

What are the most effective ways to whiten your teeth?

Here is a short list representing our opinion on which whitening methods are the most effective, ranked from most effective, to least effective:

  1. In-office whitening
  2. Take-home whitening gel with custom trays
  3. Whitening strips (e.g. Crest Whitestrips)
  4. Whitening toothpaste
  5. Whitening mouthwash
  6. Whitening gum

There are a couple caveats to this list. First, whitening toothpaste usually doesn’t actually contain peroxide or any other whitening agent; rather, it contains abrasive elements that polish the surface of your teeth, making them appear brighter. For this reason, we don’t typically recommend whitening toothpaste.

Regarding whitening mouthwash and gum, we are very skeptical that they will result in any noticeable whitening. The truth is, whitening agents must remain on the surface of your teeth for at least several minutes in order to have any effect.

So, this leaves whitening strips, take-home whitening trays, and in-office whitening. Each of these methods are effective, and we recommend them. Obviously, in-office whitening is the fastest, and will produce the most dramatic results. However, if you can wait several weeks, whitening strips are also effective.

Take-home whitening trays are a good compromise. You can whitening your teeth at home at your convenience, and the trays help to keep the whitening agent away from your gums.

We offer both take-home and in-office whitening options for our patients. If you’re a current patient, you can refer your friends and family and get take-home whitening trays for free! Give us a call at (850) 492-7647 to schedule an appointment, or if you have any questions.