TruDenta Headache & Jaw Pain Relief

Dr Chris Campus

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Dr. Campus is certified by TruDenta to offer treatment for chronic headaches, migraines and jaw pain.

If you suffer from chronic headaches, migraines, tinnitus, or pain in your jaw, you might be a good candidate for treatment with TruDenta. Research has shown that headaches, jaw pain and issues with the inner ear are actually not separate issues, but are often interconnected by an underlying cause.

What is TruDenta?

TruDenta is a collection of drug-free technologies that treats chronic pain in the head, neck and jaw. You can read more about TruDenta here:

How does TruDenta work?

TruDenta uses several different methods and machines, depending on the patient. These methods include ultrasound therapy, trigger point therapy, electrocurrent therapy, and cold laser treatments. Each of these treatment methods provide relief to pain through different mechanisms.

TruDenta treatment method chart
By combining multiple methods, we can achieve great results for our patients!

Ultrasound Therapy

This treatment improves circulation and breaks up scar tissue, providing relief to sore muscles. It works by supplying precisely targeted heat to affected areas.

Trigger Point Therapy

This is a manual process that eliminates pain by breaking up knots in the muscles of your head, neck, and jaw. By removing muscles knots, circulation increases and inflammation decreases, which are often a root cause of discomfort.

Electrocurrent Therapy

This treatment using low-level electrical current to reduce muscle spams and remove lactic acid. It also stimulates the nerves, providing pain relief.

Cold Laser Therapy

This treatment decrease pain and accelerates the healing of muscles (and joint tissue) by up to 35%! In conjunction with the other treatment methods, this is effective in restoring health and eliminating chronic pain.

How do I start treatment?

The first step is to call and get an appointment. During this appointment, we will do an evaluation to determine the root cause of your pain. TruDenta is very affordable, and incredibly effective, which is why we offer it to our patients! If you have questions, we can answer most over the phone. Just give us a call at (850) 492-7647.